How An E-Commerce Site Increased Orders by 1,656%

Our client had a very common problem: they had set up all the right marketing tools, but they weren’t getting the orders they wanted.

Their product has been sold through a small network of distributors for the last 15 years and they wanted to reach a much wider online audience. To do this they built a well-designed website, set up an e-commerce cart, and created a Google Adwords campaign.

Everything was there — except the customers. The marketing campaign and the website just weren’t reaching the people who wanted to buy the product online. Normally when this happens it’s the result of a few different things that stop people from ordering.

Imagine you have one problem that stops half the customers from ordering — you’ll lose 50% of your orders. Now imagine that you have three of those issues — you’ll be losing 88% of your potential customers! And many companies find themselves in an even worse situation. The good news is that when you start fixing those problems the orders grow quickly.

To solve this we had to start by going back and seeing why the ads and the website weren’t connecting with the right audience. We uncovered what customers were really looking for, which led to a major change in the message used on the website and in the ads. This brought in 2.5 time as many customers. And we could see that they were a lot more excited about the product too from all the emails that we got.

Next, we addressed the common fear the customers have when trying a new product by creating a special offer based on evidence that customers who tried it once were happy to order more. This more than doubled the number of new customers.

Finally, with a stronger foundation in place, we started to optimize the Google Adwords campaign. With an ongoing process of minor changes, we were able to increase the number of customers brought in through the ads without having to spend more.

The overall results during this time have been a massive increase in the number of customers. And this is just Phase 1 of the long-term strategy that we have mapped out. We are continuing to apply our marketing systems to build new opportunities.

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